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Basically, there are two types of annulments:


1. Annulment “ab initio,” which means annuling the marriage from the date it took place, making it as though you never married your current spouse in the first place. Once your annulment has been granted, both you and your spouse are returned to your previous social status, e.g. “divorced” or “single.”


2. A marriage can also be dissolved through annulment from the date on which the annulment is granted. This is uncommon and is usually for parties with a longer marriage who have filed taxes together and who have children together and, or, who own a lot of property in common and, or, who owe a lot of money together.

The type of annulment we file is almost always ab initio, dissolving the Nevada marriage as though it never took place, at least from a legal standpoint.

Whether you are eligible or not for a Nevada annulment depends greatly on your own particular situation. We have represented clients married from one day all the way up to 15 years and had their annulments granted. The older the marriage, the more complicated it can be, the higher the likelihood of a hearing, the higher the cost.

The fastest way to determine your eligibility for a Nevada annulment is to Contact Us – we’ll reply promptly with information for you.

Attorney James Smith has handled thousands of Nevada annulments since he began to practice law in Nevada since 1985. Our success rate for the granting of annulments is well over 99%. That’s because we tell you honestly whether your case is valid and will be granted BEFORE we take your money… unlike other firms who file invalid or weak cases just to increase their bottom line.

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