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We are a solo attorney practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Smith has been representing parties in their annulments in Nevada for the past 25+ years. Our mission is to get you through this with as little chaos as possible by doing what has to be done so you can get on with your life. It takes just a few minutes on the phone to determine if you are eligible for an annulment and whether you have grounds for a Nevada annulment . After all, if we can’t help, we don’t want to take your money. Call now for your free consultation, 702-420-7052


Recently I decided to entrust my stressful, life-changing international marriage problem to this firm, because Attorney James Smith professed claims of 99% success if he decided to take my case. I asked myself how can such a potentially complicated process be met with such high confidence. Professional NBA basketball stars train for years to approach 70% free throw percentage. A few elite players like Kobe and Curry have briskly touched in the 90% range. What they did with my case is nothing short of a miracle. While I believed in my case for an annulment, my own delays were affecting my case credibility. They diligently worked with me to transform my thoughts into an arsenal of sharply-worded arguments that became the crux of my case. Their turn-around time was swift, with the judge’s decisive approval stamps on my papers, less than two weeks later. The emotional tension on my side was alleviated by the professionalism, patience and compassion from the staff as well as the attorney on my case, James Smith. Please rest assured that this team will work hard for you. Their 99% claim just got a little closer to 100% in my case, as I was blessed with a second chance to rebuild my personal life. My new joy is priceless.

Matt Anderson


Excellent service. Our Nevada annulment case was handled in a sensitive, totally professional
way. The forms were sent immediately with clear and sound instructions.
Our annulment was finalized in less than 2 weeks. I highly recommend
this firm – they made it possible for what we did in Vegas to stay in Vegas!
K.U. London England.


Are you eligible for an annulment in Nevada?


You are if…

1) You were either married in Nevada or currently live in Nevada or are military stationed outside the state or deployed:
If you were married in the State of Nevada and live elsewhere, as per Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS125Sec360) you are eligible to file an annulment without establishing residency. 

Current Nevada residents married out of state, or those who wish to establish residency (though this has to be for more than just filing an annulment, you must have the intent to remain in Nevada), can also file for an annulment in Nevada. As a resident, you can also file for a divorce, or an Annulment and in Lieu Divorce (call to ask us about this option).

2) You Nevada annulment grounds as per Nevada statutes:
Nevada law for annulments is more liberal than in many other states. If you don’t see annulment grounds that apply to you here, call us to discuss your situation. Perhaps it’s a matter of combining more than one reason, or perhaps your reason is so unusual that it doesn’t fit any particular category, but it could still be valid as per the statutes (which are not all that easy to understand sometimes unless you deal with them every day like we do).

Time Limit on Filing a Nevada Annulment:


There is no time limit on filing an annulment in Nevada.

That said, know that judges will scrutinize an older marriage annulment filing more than one filed, say in the first two to three years after the marriage.

It comes down to the valid reason as well.  You are expected to file as soon as possible after you discover any fraud in the reason behind the marriage.

If you came to Nevada on vacation, and perhaps having a little too much fun and end up married, you can obtain an annulment due to want of understanding at the time of the marriage. Just know an annulment  using this valid reason needs to be filed quickly, or a really good explanation needs to be given for the delay. 

Hearings for Nevada Annulments:


There are typically NO court hearings for annulments in Nevada for a large majority of cases unless your spouse contests the annulment. Our office NEVER requires you to attend a hearing. This is ALWAYS up to your judge.

If yours is the rare case that necessitates a hearing even when your case is not contested—meaning you file a complaint for annulment and your spouse then filed an answer and counterclaim—there is a higher than 99.99% chance you’ll be able to appear by phone instead of in person because Attorney James Smith is physically present in the courtroom representing you. An annulment isn’t considered to be contested just because a one-signature annulment is filed, meaning a complaint for annulment. For the annulment to be considered contested, the defendant must file an answer and counterclaim. 

Nevada Annulment Attorney James Smith has been filing annulments in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1985. He specializes in annulments and knows how to get one granted even when other attorneys have been unsuccessful.

He does not take on Nevada annulment cases that he believes have little chance of being granted. If he agrees to handle your annulment case, it’s because he feels at least 99% certain that it will be granted.


  • Success rate of over 99%

  • Attorney James Smith has been representing annulment clients in Nevada for the past 24 years.

  • Your annulment documents emailed to you in 24 hours or less of having submitted your online form, provided you submitted all needed information to complete the documents.

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** Court Filing Fees (currently $326 for a Joint Petition annulment; $269 for Complaint; $217 for Answer; $56 court fees for a two-signature annulment, or $61 for a one-signature annulment) and cost of process service (if applicable to your annulment case) is additional. Average process service cost if Defendant can be served in person is $125 in Nevada and $160 in other states. Average cost for publication when required is $150. If Defendant lives outside the U.S. and does not sign the documents, process service fees will be higher.