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INCLUDES Review of Your Trust With the Attorney


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We have been creating living trusts for 20+ years for Nevada residents just like you. The attorney reviews your living trust with you to be certain it is customized to your specific needs. After your review, your living trust is amended at no additional cost to you (in a large majority of cases) if you and the attorney decide that changes are needed.

Courts Are Still Opened 

We are saddened by what is happening with the coronavirus. Our hearts go out to all families affected by it. We hope things return to normal as soon as possible. Meanwhile, contrary to rumors, COURTS ARE OPENED FOR BUSINESS. The only change is that, for the moment, it is mandatory for attorneys to attend hearings via phone or streaming.

We do case intake online. There is no need for you to travel to our office for any reason.

You can even get notarized online by an e-notary if coming to our office to get notarized is an issue for you. We are taking precautions. Our staff wears masks when meeting with clients. We have disposable pens, as well as gloves for clients' use. 

This means we can file your case and your judge will decide on it without you ever leaving home.  Call us for details: 702-680-1780.


  • Living Trust

  • Abstract of Trust

  • Pour-Over Will

  • Medical Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions (Living Will)

  • Directive to Physicians

  • Certification of Trust

  • Trust Summary

  • Declaration of Intent and Schedule A (Trust Funding)


  • You review your living trust with the attorney himself and any changes needed done at no extra charge **

  • We guarantee your Nevada Revocable Living Trust and all related documents will be correct or we’ll redo them at no additional charge.

  • James E. Smith, a licensed Nevada attorney with 20+ years of experience drafting living trusts creates your Living Trust.

  • Your Revocable Living Trust is completed and ready for your signature within two business days (provided you’ve given us all the information we need)!

living trust attorneyAttorney James E. Smith, a licensed Nevada attorney (Bar #052) has been creating living trusts for Nevada residents just like you since 1985.

We treat you, and your Nevada Living Trust with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. As a member of the Nevada State Bar it’s required of Mr. Smith so you know that it’s more than just words on a webpage; you can actually count on it.

Trust the attorney that many non-attorney living trust providers turn to, to create trusts for their high-end clients and eliminate that middle man.



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Fund your living trust! We show you how.


Free Consultation About Your Living Trust


Call us during business hours at 702-680-1780. Or complete the contact form below.

Our living trust paralegal will give you all the information you need to get started. Once you have your trust in hand,
you will review it with Attorney James Smith and if any changes are needed, they will be made at no cost to you.

*Includes 2 reasonable revisions during the twelve-month period following the creation of your Living Trust. Change of successor trustee or extensive changes may be additional.

**Any changes deemed necessary by the attorney after he has reviewed the draft of your trust with you will be made at no additional charges, unless your particular situation requires extraordinary clauses and changes made to it (less than 1% of our clients require this)