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We are a solo attorney practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Smith has been representing parties in their annulments for the past 25+ years. Our mission is to get you through this with as little chaos as possible by doing what has to be done so you can get on with your life. It takes just a few minutes on the phone to determine if you are eligible for an annulment and whether you have a valid reason. After all, if we can't help, we don't want to take your money. Call now for your free consultation, 702-420-7052

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We respond promptly. We’ll tell you whether or not you are eligible to file an annulment.


Excellent service. Our case was handled in a sensitive, totally professional way. The forms were sent immediately with clear and sound instructions.Our annulment was finalized in less than 2 weeks. I highly recommend Discount Las Vegas Lawyer – they made it possible for what we did in Vegas to stay in Vegas!
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Got married in Las Vegas (or elsewhere in Nevada) in the fairly recent past?

As per Nevada Statutes, you are eligible to file an annulment in Las Vegas without being a resident because you were married here. Those with a military LES in Nevada can also get their marriage annulled here, as well as those who married outside Nevada, but now reside here.

Since 1985, Attorney James Smith has helped countless people out of their Las Vegas marriage and on with their lives.

We don’t take on Las Vegas annulment cases that we believe have little chance of being granted. If our firm does agree to handle your annulment case, it’s because we feel at least 99% certain that it will be granted based on past cases we have handled on behalf of clients just like you over the past 25+ years.

There is no charge to call us and discuss your Las Vegas annulment case. We’ll tell you up front, at no cost to you, whether or not you have a good annulment case.


Attorney James Smith, a licensed Nevada attorney (Bar #052) based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been representing clients like you since 1985. We treat you, and your Nevada annulment case, with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. As a member of the Nevada State Bar it’s required of him so you know that it’s more than just words on a webpage; you can actually count on it. We provide you with actual licensed attorney representation – and not just typing of documents. And we file your annulment at court – not you. All you do is sign!



STEP 1 :
Complete your secure Las Vegas Annulment Questionnaire Here (safe server – same technology used by your bank).
The ready-to-sign documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the above form submitted. If we have questions before accepting your case, we will call you as soon as possible.

One you receive your documents by email, you print them, take them to a notary to sign them. You then send the signed and notarized documents to our Las Vegas office.

Once we receive the documents back from you and signed and notarized, your annulment will be filed at court and processed through the Nevada Family Court System.

It takes, on average, one to three weeks later (when both parties sign) for a judge to make a decision on an annulment. If only one party signs the annulment documents, and provided the Defendant does not contest the annulment, it will take approximately 10-12 weeks for a judge to reach a decision. This is mainly because the Defendant is given, by law, 21 days to respond by filing an Answer at court after the Defendant has been served the Complaint for Annulment and the Summons. The exact length of time depends on whether the Defendant can be served personally or must be served by publication, and also the pace at which your judge processes annulment cases and how busy the clerk’s office at court happens to be at any given time during the process of your annulment.

We e-mail the final decree for your Las Vegas Annulment to you as soon as it becomes available to us.

 * You are considered a Nevada resident after living in Nevada for six consecutive weeks.

** Court Filing Fees (currently $326 for a Joint Petition annulment; $269 for Complaint; $217 for Answer; $56 court fees for a two-signature annulment, or $61 for a one-signature annulment) and cost of process service (if applicable to your annulment case) is additional. Average process service cost if Defendant can be served in person is $125 in Nevada and $160 in other states. Average cost for publication when required is $150. If Defendant lives outside the U.S. and does not sign the documents, process service fees will be higher.