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We are a premier unbundled attorney representation services law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are dedicated to providing you with the services of a reputable, licensed, and highly-experienced attorney often for the same rate you would pay a paralegal or other types of so-called “legal services” and “typing services” for an uncontested divorce or annulment, for a living trust, or a bankruptcy.

Attorney James Smith has been practicing law in Nevada since 1985.
He is licensed in Nevada and California and holds a BV rating (highest possible) with Martindale-Hubbell®, the authoritative resource for information on the worldwide legal profession.

Mr. Smith fully represents you in your divorce, annulment, or bankruptcy and he creates all living trusts and reviews all of them directly with the client. You are not shuffled to another attorney after your case is in the door. His case intake paralegal, document typist, and case manager report directly to him and make no decisions of importance on your case without his say so. He’s got his hands deep in all client files and ALL filings are personally reviewed by him before filing at court.

We have streamlined the case intake and case management process. Our mission is to represent you fully and responsibly and have all the aspects of your case treated with the utmost respect and importance while saving you as much time and money as possible.

Why do we do it? Our office is dedicated to providing the public with superior quality legal representation for uncontested matters to protect you from the legal problems that can occur when trying to file a case on your own, or through paralegal and typing services.

Though “an attorney who cares about you” might seem like an oxymoron to many, it is indeed true of Mr. Smith. He’s donated countless hours of his time in free case consultations over his career span of more than 25 years practicing law. It became obvious to him how a law firm like ours could truly serve the public very well in instances of certain types of uncontested legal matters.

And that’s how we came to offer reliable and genuine legal representation and assistance for you, at prices that make sense in today’s economy.

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