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WHAT IS A MEDIATED DIVORCE (a.k.a collaborative divorce)?

Many divorcing people, especially those with children and property to divide, find that they benefit greatly from meeting with a mediator prior to filing their divorces. A divorce with terms come to with the help of a licensed, professional mediator is known as a Collaborative Divorce.

Using the services of a mediator allows you to go through what is often a painful process with an experienced, licensed, third party present to guide both of you.

Collaborative Divorce and Issues related to children:
Through the mediation process, you'll come to decisions regarding your children that work for both parents and, most importantly, for the children. Leaving it up to a judge in a divorce trial, as well-intentioned as she or he might be, never makes anyone happy because the decision is made by someone who knows little of you, your children, and your life.

You'll always come out ahead when you make those decisions with the guidance of a mediator. It's the mediator's job to delve into your life and to keep a neutral position and to figure out how to work things so that all parties come out a winner.

Collaborative Divorce and property division:
It makes dividing property through mediation in a fair manner less emotionally painful and also greatly helps you to understand what's normal and customary under the circumstances. You'll leave the process feeling that the community property that remains yours came to you fairly and equitably, rather than being awarded it by a judge who knows nothing of your personal circumstances.Mediation - when you undergo the process with a licensed, experienced mediator, defuses the acrimony that often enters divorce negotiations - without mediation, a tense situation holds potential for a much worse outcome than necessary...for all involved: you, your spouse, your children. The last consideration is the well-known fact that you save a lot of money by making use of the services of a mediator and agreeing on everything before filing the divorce. Neither of you benefits from paying exorbitant sums to attorneys to "fight it out" for you in court. The only winners in this case (financially) are your attorneys. And you end up losing funds that would make your life future life easier.

So, if you have children and/or property and cannot agree on your own on how to divide everything, seriously consider the services of a mediator before moving forward with your Nevada divorce or Nevada annulment.

In many cases, just an hour or two with a mediatior can resolve all of your issues and save you literally thousands of dollars in attorney fees. We're here to help.

Mr. Smith is a licensed attorney in Nevada with 15 years of mediation experience. Mr. Smith has successfully taken many couples through a Collaborative Divorce. See the columm on the right for his Mediatior Credentials.


James E. Smith Mediator Credentials:

  •Certificate from the American
  Bar Association in mediation,
  arbitration and alternative dispute
  •Arbitrator for the Nevada District
  Court's ADR (alternative dispute
  resolution) program
  •20+ years of mediation experience


 Cost of Mediation:

 •$399 per session. Huge majority of
 clients need just one session.
 •Savings obtained by agreeing  
  before filing: immeasurable

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