Occasionally, clients call our office and ask what Conexa, LLC is all about, how it’s different from other law firms and legal services. So, we thought we’d use this first blog post to explain ourselves.

Basically, Conexa, LLC was created to offer ethical, licensed legal representation to clients seeking an uncontested divorce, annulment, bankruptcy, or living trust. Our average client might have a lighter wallet, or be a savvy consumer,  but is still concerned that said divorce,  annulment, bankruptcy, or living trust be done correctly, by a licensed attorney,  nonetheless.

We noticed that there wasn’t really any such thing in Las Vegas. The public had a choice between an expensive Las Vegas attorney, or having to hire a typing service or paralegal not licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada, leaving clients to worry about whether their legal matter was really being handled in a manner that ensured no legal nightmares later. Or having to spend the equivalent of the down payment on a house to retain an attorney.

Why not offer clients the best of both worlds? Team Conexa went to work creating a customized system for case intake and management that allows us to offer clients the security of having an attorney handling their legal matter in a competent manner…for pretty much the same price unlicensed typing services and paralegals charge for their legal services. Why not, indeed?

And that is how Conexa, LLC was born. We see ourselves as the perfect Nevada legal connection for everyone’s attorney needs, hence the name Conexa which stands for “connection.” And that’s what we aim to be – a safe legal connection for concerned clients who, until Conexa, LLC arrived on the scene, were stuck choosing between too-expensive attorneys or unlicensed legal services or typing services companies.

Looking out for your legal rights!


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