California living trust coupleAssets held in your California Living Trust allow for a Successor Trustee to manage and distribute them as per your instructions (in the trust) all without court supervision

and involvement. This more often than not saves time and money, usually getting your assets to your heirs in a much more timely manner than through the probate process.

A California Living Trust keeps your affairs and your assets and their value private because they are not made public as in the case of probate. A Living Trust also keeps your heirs’ identity(ies) private.

Any of your assets not transferred to your California Revocable Trust (commonly referred to as a “living trust”) by the time of your demise will have to undergo the probate process, even if you have a Pour-Over Will that bequeaths all of your remaining assets to your Living Trust.

However, with a Pour-Over Will (you’ll have one if you get your Living Trust Package from us), all of the assets not yet transferred to your Living Trust by the time of your demise are willed to your Revocable Living Trust through the Pour-Over Will. The probate court simply takes the appropriate steps to have all of your assets transferred to the trust. This ensures that your assets are properly divided among the beneficiary(ies) of your trust as you wish, rather than distributed as per the wishes of the probate court.

You’ll need to advise your beneficiaries about your Living Trust. Ideally, you would give each of them, as well as your Successor Trustee(s) and Executor(s), a copy of your California Living Trust.

Basically, a California Living Trust is the same as any living trust for any state in the U.S. What changes as a part of the package we offer is the Living Will, also known in California as an Advanced Health Care Directive. This document, which makes your wishes known regarding life support, changes for every state because the laws are different in every state. It’s important to have the proper Living Will based on the state in which you reside.


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All of the following documents included in your California Living Trust Package: 
1) Living Trust 2) California Advanced Health Care Directive 3)Directive to Physicians 4) Certificate of Trust 
5) Trust Summary 6) Pour-Over Will 7) Schedule A (Trust Funding)


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*Includes 2 reasonable revisions during the twelve-month period following the creation of your Living Trust. Change of successor trustee or extensive changes  may be additional.